About us


Micro is one of the leading residential & commercial cleaning multinational companies, available in Dubai. We are specialize in high quality cleaning using special products and machines that are environmental friendly & we also have a wide range of different services for your home needs.
The founders have always had a passion for cleanliness & hygiene, they have devoted their career since 2001 As evident by their continuing education pursuits and daily delivery of quality cleaning & home services, they’re dedicated to their clients and ensure that every visit by the team is a pleasant and a relaxing experience. Their passion and commitment to cleaning is evident in their desire to help others in achieving overall health by ensuring that their client maintain are provided with optimal cleaning services.

Who We Are?

Established in 2001 in Dubai, Micro is a privately owned business that is committed to delivering outstanding all kinds of cleaning services of the highest quality.

Our Vision

To be the leading cleaning company delivering beyond expectation, always.

Our Mission

To procure customers/clients at competitive pricing, provide safe working conditions and deliver quality of work within reasonable time frame.