Water tank cleaning


Cleaning and Disinfecting of Water Tank is a priority in our hygiene life. They are our drinking water storage tanks that keep the water safe, this is why we offer water tank cleaning all over UAE. Our water tank cleaning & disinfections division, approved by the Dubai Municipality, offers this service to disinfect your water tanks after preliminary inspection is carried out. Water being stored in the tanks for a long period provides an ideal media for molds and bacteria growth.... We are a recognized Dubai municipality approved water tank cleaning company.
With our experience staff, Micro is a one- stop solution for the complete water tank cleaning and disinfection of your tank. We will take every client through a process of Inspection to determine the extent of contamination of your water tank and best practice recommendations for the safe drainage of the water, cleaning and disinfection of the system and post project reporting detailing the areas that were cleaned, with before and after photographs.
All clients are then presented with a certificate stating the cleaning date, the water tank cleaning team who cleaned the system and the next cleaning date, all as per Dubai Municipality standards.